Police: Indiana man charged after attempting knockout game on three people

Police in Indiana say a Terre Haute man is facing battery charges after attempting to play the so-called Knockout Game.

The incident unfolded around 3 a.m. Dec. 23 in a Terre Haute bar.

In surveillance video of the incident, the three victims are sitting at the bar enjoying their drinks. The suspect, Kevin Doti, can be seen approaching the victims three times before he rears back and hits the first victim in the back of the head and then moves on to the second victim.

The third man catches Doti by surprise and wrestles him to the ground. Authorities say the suspect hit the second victim, who was a woman, so hard her head struck the bar in front of her.

Authorities say the premise of the Knockout Game is to catch the victims off guard with a punch to the face.

Doti faces battery charges in the incident.

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