Police impersonator arrested, meth and stolen mail found

Oklahoma City Police say they've caught who they think is a police impersonator. Investigators say the suspect tried to pull over a man and his four kids Tuesday evening.

Police say it was the victim's decision to call 911 that lead to the suspect's arrest, and kept his family safe.

"I've got a truck that looks like he's, I don't know. He might be trying to pull me over. It doesn't look like a police car but he tried to flash a badge out the window at me."

That is part of the 911 call Jason Murray made when police say David Roberts tried to pull Murray over. Police say Roberts was driving an F-250 with flashing yellow lights, and he was wearing a uniform similar to an OKC Police uniform. Investigators also say Roberts had a utility belt.

"It had a holster, magazine pouch, a handcuff case, flashlight, radio with a lapel mic attached to his shirt," said Capt. Dexter Nelson.

Murray wouldn't go on camera, but he said he knew something just wasn't right. So he called police hoping they could help him and his four kids get away from this police impersonator.

Murray continued to talk to a 911 dispatcher as he traveled down I-44, the dispatcher eventually telling him to get off at 15th Street because an officer was going to intercept the chase and arrest Roberts.

Inside Roberts' truck they found 84 items ranging from a BB gun, police badges, methamphetamine, and credit cards and checks in other people's names.

"He had mail that appeared to be taken out of other people's mailboxes that didn't belong to him," said Capt. Nelson.

"Some of that mail could have been very personal, and things that I wouldn't want anybody to see," said James Rawson.

According to the police report, some of that mail belonged to Rawson and his business Rawson Music.

"I'm a little bit upset about it, and I need my mail back. I just hope it comes back complete," said Rawson.

Rawson says he's grateful police were able to catch Roberts. While he's upset his personal information may have been stolen, he's happy Murray and his family are safe.

"I'm pretty upset about what he did to me, but that's even worse. He probably should spend some jail time for doing that," Rawson said.

Police say along with drug charges and impersonating a police officer, Roberts also had an outstanding warrant for embezzlement. Investigators say Roberts told them he was a security guard, but when asked, Robert's couldn't remember what company he worked for. He is currently being held in the Oklahoma County Jail.

OKC Police are asking anyone who may have been recently pulled over by a black pick-up truck to give them a call.