Police: Florida grandmother stabs grandson to death after telling him 'I have a surprise for you'

Martha White is accused of stabbing her 6-year-old grandson to death after promising a surprise. Image via WCTV

A grandmother in Florida is accused of stabbing her own grandson to death as the victim's brother was helpless on the other side of the bathroom door.63-year-old Martha White was arrested and booked on murder charges in Tallahassee, Florida, earlier this week. In a statement by a family attorney, the victim's father shared a terrifying story of what his surviving son said happened to them. According to the statement, it all happened after White told the boys she had a surprise for them, WCTV reports. Click here if the video above fails to load.The information contained in the statement is graphic.Martha White was booked into the jail almost 24 hours after the crime happened. She's accused of stabbing her six-year-old grandson to death in the bathroom of the family's home. Deputies tracked her down at a nearby park and reported that she was covered in blood and had a bottle of wine and some xanax with her.According to WCTV, the arrest papers paint a terrifying picture of what happened inside the family home on Tuesday. 6 year old Mason Rhinehart and his 8-year-old brother Aidan were watching video games, it says, when White told them she had a surprise for them.Aidan told officials White took his brother into the bathroom and closed the door. That's when he said he could hear Mason screaming "Don't kill me, Grandma!". When Aidan tried to open the door, it was locked.The statement from the family says Aidan then called his father, Zack White, and told him what was happening."I told Aidan to pound on the door just as loud as he could," Zack White said. "He yelled his brother's name. When there was no answer I told Aidan to go and hide."According to papers filed, Aidan told detectives as his grandmother leave the home with a bottle of wine, she told him she had a surprise for him too.The statement from the attorney says Martha was a registered nurse who recently retired. She has no history of mental illnesses and had given no indication that morning of being upset or disturbed, the statement said."She'd been watching the boys all summer," Zack said. "She doted on them. She was their grandmother. It was like any other day."Neighbors are still in shock."You know the grandma is usually the one who sugar coats everything and gives you the candy and it's really fun and we couldn't believe that a grandmother out of all people would do such a horrible thing," neighbor Austin Sandel told WCTV.An spokesman for the sheriff's office says they are still trying to pinpoint a motive.According to the affidavit, when she was arrested, she told deputies she was "fed up" with the boys' mother.Neighbors said Mason and Aidan would often play outside with other kids in the neighborhood and he was set to start second grade later this month.According to the family statement, Mason's seventh birthday would have been Friday.Click here for more information from WCTV.
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