Police: driver talking on the phone narrowly misses Midwest City officer

A close call for a Midwest City Police Officer. He was conducting a routine traffic stop when a woman crashed into his patrol car, missing him by just inches. The entire incident was caught on his dash cam.

Midwest City Police Chief Brandon Clabes said the officer was making a routine traffic stop in the 300 block of S. Air Depot around 9:00 AM last Thursday. Clabes said the officer had given the driver a verbal warning and was returning to his vehicle when suddenly a white Chevy Malibu came barreling toward him.

"He was about in the middle of the roadway between his car and the car in front of him when the Malibu struck the patrol car from behind," said Chief Clabes.

Chief Clabes says the woman was talking on her cell phone and never saw Officer Rummel. The crash totaled both her car and the police car. She and the driver of the vehicle that was pulled over went to the hospital with minor injuries. Officer Rummel was not injured.

"Luckily, he wasn't crushed between the two cars or killed," Chief Clabes said. "Law enforcement makes these kinds of stops every day, so they're in harm's way because people are not paying attention to what they're doing when they're driving."

The driver of the car was ticketed for distracted driving and is facing a nearly $300 fine.