Police chief says city will not hand over paycheck, unless he hands in his badge

The police union representing Spencer Police is calling for change at City Hall. The police union says the city manager is intimidating officers in to leaving or forcing them out. That includes Chief Virgil Green. Green has been inactive since April, for allegations he considers petty. While on leave, he is still an employee and is still collecting checks. But that changed Friday."Essentially my paycheck is being held hostage," he said.Green said when he tried to make arraignments to pick up his check; he got a text from City Manage Nicole Mukes reading "I need your badge and your commission card when you pick up your chk.""My personal opinion, I believe it's a form of retaliation as to what's going on since the Spencer FOP (Fraternal Order of Police) came out with their vote of no confidence against the city manager," Green said.Green said there is no policy stating he cannot keep his credentials while on leave and that he has been complying with all the rules."I'm not out working anywhere else or doing anything like that," he said.Mukes said this is not an act of retaliation. She said there were concerns about violations concerning his badge and she wanted it back as a precaution."We have been advised by the city attorney that we are within our rights to request these items since Mr. Green is on suspension," Mukes said in a statement.Friday, the FOP made another call for action against Mukes. In a press release, the union said "Even with a recent 'Vote of no Confidence' against the city manager (Nicole Mukes), the elected city officials haven't even addressed the concerns of the fraternal order of police. No special meetings have been held and the FOP hasn't even been contacted by the city manager or the city council so that we could try and resolve these issues."The FOP is now asking county and state law enforcement to get involved, to conduct an investigation in to Mukes and other city council members.As the police department and city staff continues their battle, Green said no matter the outcome for him, he just wants people in Spencer to ask questions."The city hall is there for them and they need to ask their elected officials what's going on and hold some people accountable," he said.