Police chase, deadly shootout caught on camera

A real-life Grand Theft Auto scenario between police and a New Mexico suspect was caught on camera. Unlike the star of the game, this guy didn't get away.

It happened in Albuquerque in October. Officers were chasing down a man who stole a police car. The man, 35-year-old Christopher Chase, lead police for 16 miles through the city in the stolen unit.

According to police, Chase was wearing body armor and seemed hell-bent on carrying out a mission that he had tattooed on his body: "COP KILLER".

As police chased him down, he can be seen firing at the officers with a semi-automatic weapon. He hit three of them and police shot back.

Officers chased him until he slammed the cruiser into a gas pump. Cops jumped from their vehicles and a firefight breaks out.

Chase is ultimately hit eight times and died at the scene.

The three officers injured in the shooting recovered from their injuries.