Police arrest second suspect in violent home invasion of senior citizen

Police say they have the second of two suspects in custody for a violent home invasion and burglary of an elderly woman's home.

Captain Dexter Nelson said on Monday they arrested Storm Williams, 23, in a home on S. Meridian after receiving a tip.

The arrest comes three days after police arrested 26-year-old Chadwick Stone, the other suspect in the case. Stone is facing charges of second degree burglary, 4 charges of possession of a stolen credit card, kidnapping, and robbery with a firearm. It's expected that Williams will face similar charges.

Captain Nelson said the two men broke into the home of a 68-year-old woman in the 3100 block of NW 35th Street around 10 AM on Dec. 29th.

Police say the men knocked on the door and asked for someone she didn't know. She then said they asked if her husband was home before they forced themselves in and knocked her over. According to Nelson, the woman broke her hip in the fall.

Nelson says once the men were inside the house, they ransacked it; taking the woman's car keys, checks, credit cards, and other items before leaving her on the floor. Police say one of the men even took the victim's glasses and broke them to prevent her from identifying them.

Police say it took her 11 hours to get to a phone and call police for help.