Police arrest man after woman accuses him of hitting her with a piece of aluminum siding

Suspect John Vorbau

Police arrested a man after a woman told them he hit her in the face so hard, she urinated herself. On Wednesday, authorities responded to a domestic assault call at a home on SW 15th and Penn. Police say a woman told them suspect John Vorbau punched her four to five times in the face with a closed fist, and hit her in the back of the head four to five times with a piece of aluminum siding. According to police, the victim had two black eyes and a cut on her nose when they arrived on the scene. The victim told officers she had been dating Vorbau for six months before the alleged attack and that the fight started over an argument about money.

According to authorities, Vorbau told officers the victim had a seizure and fell to the ground, which resulted in her injuries.

Vorbau was booked in the Oklahoma County jail and is facing domestic assault with a dangerous weapon and assault and battery charges. Records indicate he has a previous felony drug conviction.