Police: 4-year-old dead after accidental stabbing in Oklahoma City

Police say a four-year-old boy is dead after being stabbed by accident by his uncle.

Police say the were called to the 13500 block of Deer Creek Dr. around 3:40 Saturday afternoon. When they arrived, they found paramedics working on the boy, identified as Bralyn Shively, four.

According to a police report, the boy's uncle, 36-year-old Chris Coates, was lying in a hammock and whittling a piece of wood. Police say Bralyn was pushing the hammock when it suddenly broke and fell to the ground.

Police say when the hammock gave away, Coates fell on top of his nephew and the knife impaled the boy. Coates called for help and began to try and help the child.

Paramedics arrived and began trying to save him. Bralyn was taken to a local hospital where he later died.

The Canadian County District Attorney's Office will review the evidence but police say all signs point to the boy's death as being an accidental one. Coates was not arrested.