Memorial planned for Plaza Towers victims

May 20th and the destruction that tore through Moore is forever etched in hearts and minds of Oklahomans.

The EF5 tornado took homes, business and lives of seven children at Plaza Towers Elementary School.

A special memorial is now being built in to honor their young lives when the elementary schools reopens this August.

Stacey McCabe who lost her 8 year old son Nicolas on May 20th remembers him as a beautiful soul who constantly filled his household with laughter. The silence has been something she still hasn't gotten used too.

"It's very quiet in that house there is no fun, there is no joy, there is no laughter," says McCabe.

Her family and the six others who lost their children that day are still healing and grieving... but McCabe says she's learning to gradually get over the pain so she can celebrate his life with his classmates.

"I think it's going to be a very healing concept for all of them. They know those kids, they know they lived it, they are still living it today and every time a storm comes up it terrifies them," says McCabe.

Wall mounted granite silhouettes of four boys and three girls, inspirational messages on the pavement, and seven benches with symbolic carvings are planned for the memorial.

"Nicolas is going to have Lego's and the remote controls for a game," says McCabe.

Funeral director Chad Vice who worked with each of the families had the vision.

"I don't think we can ever forget that this is sacred soil. These children their journey on earth ended there,"says Vice.

The price tag for the memorial is around 180,000 and it will all be privately funded.

"To give at any level there is no level more important than the other. If they want to give the pennies out of their penny bank or something larger it's doesn't matter. We want them to be included and no donation will outweigh the other," says Vice.

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