Pit bull shot three times with arrows

Man's best friend turned into a target. Spaz, the pit bull, survived being shot with three arrows, one to through the neck, one in the chest, and one in the arm. His owner is now searching for justice.

Erin Dodson lives in Dibble. She had just gotten off Monday afternoon and to her house, when she saw Spaz. At first, she thought he had something in his mouth. When she got closer, she realized that bulge in his mouth, was the tip of an arrow nearly piercing through.

"It was just horrible. How can anybody do that?" Dodson said. "You could tell in his eyes he was in pain."

Slideshow (graphic): Dog recovering after being shot by arrows

Dodson rushed Spaz to a 24-hour vet center in Norman. He had to be transferred to Animal Emergency Center in Oklahoma City, where a specialized surgeon could work on him.

"We had to look at the radiographs or x-rays very closely and to see where the arrows were and the direction they were going and what anatomy they had hit," Dr. Joe Bills Reynolds III said.

Reynolds said Spaz is a lucky dog. Just an inch or two difference, in where each arrow landed, was the difference between life and death.

"It caused a lot if soft tissue damage, a lot of bleeding, a lot of discomfort for the pet but he's very lucky it didn't hit any vital structures," Reynolds said.

"I can't believe how well he's walking around, after [Monday], seeing all the arrows sticking out of him," Dodson said.

Spaz is recovering well and on Wednesday, two days after the terrifying incident, the dog headed for home. A lucky ending, but Dodson still wants answers about why this ever happened.

"It takes a sick, sick person to shoot a dog three times with an arrow," she said.

Dodson's reported the case to the McClain County Sheriff's Office and hopes someone will come forward with what happened. If you know anything, call the sheriff's office at 527-2141.