Pit bull puppy left in MWC apartment, dies from injuries

Sarge was one of two pit bulls found abandoned and emaciated at a Midwest City apartment on July 11. On July 21, MWC police said he died from his injuries.

Last week, the Midwest City Police Department and Bella Foundation announced that a pair of pit bulls had been found abandoned and emaciated. On Monday, Midwest City Police said the younger of the pit bulls died from his injuries.Midwest City Police told Fox 25 Monday that a six-month puppy, named Sarge by the Bella Foundation, died. Late Sunday night, The Bella Foundation wrote that Sarge had pneumonia though it wasn't severe. However, Bella Foundation also said he had megaesophagus, condition that makes it hard to swallow food or water.The foundation wrote that dogs can live long and happy lives with the condition and it's a genetic condition or is caused by being malnourished. On Monday, the foundation an emotional farewell to this brave pup:"It is with absolute heartbreak that we tell you, Sarge has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. This afternoon his little body could fight no more and for the first time since he came to us, it was clear he was in pain. The doctors who had cared for him so well and so hard let us know, the end was here. The spark in eyes, the struggle to lift his head to be petted, and the fight in his spirit all faded today; so we made the painful decision to let him go. In his foster's arms he finally found the peace he never had. We promise you Sarge's little life will not be in vain. In his memory we will fight even harder for all animals and especially those abused, neglected, and discarded by the people who love them. When the call is placed for us to help another dog like Sarge, we will be ready and willing to offer assistance.God speed little Sarge. You may have only been with us a short time but you have a left a mark on our hearts that will last forever."Sarge was one of two dogs found by police at the Willow Creek Apartments on July 11. An apartment manager reported finding the animals in a unit that had been without power since June 3.The apartment manager said Corey Harrison, 27, lived in the apartment until June 19 when he moved out but left Sarge and an adult pit bull behind.Police said the animals were found nearly a month later and were severely emaciated. They were taken to a local vet and put in the intensive care unit.
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