Pink ribbon battle: cancer survivor told to remove ribbon by HOA

(FOX NEWS) Many homeowners associations have rules against yard signs. Now, one Florida woman says the policy at her condo complex has been taken too far.

Linda Karp, who survived her battle with breast cancer, was shocked when she received notice that she would have to take down the pink ribbon that hangs in her doorway at the Regents Park in Naples.

The large ribbon had been displayed outside, and it now hangs inside Karp's entry-way. But the homeowners association apparently still wants it removed.

Karp told Elisabeth Hasselbeck Wednesday morning she hasn't heard from the association directly other than the letter they sent. And she accused some of the association leaders of making some "bullying" remarks in passing. Karp, however, is not backing down and says her neighbors have voiced their support.

"This is a battle I will win again. [They] need to lighten up and leave me alone," said Karp, arguing her ribbon doesn't even violate the rules that the homeowners association is trying to enforce.

The homeowners association declined to comment or be interviewed when reached by the local FOX station, according to the report.