Pikepass will now work on North Texas roads

Zipping down the turnpike with a Pikepass is getting easier when driving to Texas. The Oklahoma Turnpike Authority is working together with the North Texas Tollway Authority so your Pikepass works on North Texas roads, or your Tolltag will work here.But having both---will cause you problems."What we're stressing is one tag, one vehicle," Jack Damrill, spokesman for OTA said.Damrill says make sure you don't drive with both---because doing so will could mean more money out of your pocket."Having both is a bad idea. We don't want to recommend it, though we are trying to limit the possibility of dual billing, what we call dual billing, it is still a possibility if you have two tags in the window," Damrill said.Damrill says if you have more than one tag and aren't sure which one is best to take down, call them and they can help.It's something that has users afraid of new bills.Some Pikepass users are complaining about new bills arriving from NTTA for past use of roadways. Some are confusing those bills with this new plan.Damrill says they lowered the threshold for billing, causing new bills to go out now, sometimes, years after folks used the road, but adds Oklahoma had nothing to do with it."It has nothing to do with interoperability. The Oklahoma Turnpike Authority had no say in what NTTA did," Damrill said.
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