Petition to recall Kingfisher mayor

When fires spark in Kingfisher, many people think of the man who once led the team that keeps Kingfisher families out of harms way.

"Everyone I have talked to is behind Randy," said Myrna Townsend, a Kingfisher resident.

Former Kingfisher Fire Chief, Randy Poindexter's Parking spot still sits empty outside the Kingfisher Fire Department.

"I thought he did an excellent job," said Rick Cox, another Kingfisher resident.

YouTube video from a Kingfisher City Council meeting earlier this month shows many Kingfisher residents upset about Poindexter's departure.

"Jack, I can't believe you're mayor," said Lonnie Anderson, a Kingfisher resident to Mayor Jack Stuteville.

Public outcry has led some residents to begin a petition to get Mayor Stuteville out of office.

"They are railroading good people of the community," said Townsend.

Townsend has lived in Kingfisher her whole life, and plans to sign the petition. She is one of many Kingfisher residents who want to see Mayor Stuteville and City Manager, Dave Slezicky fired.

"I think it's corrupt," said Cox, regarding Kingfisher city government.

When city officials declined Fox-25's initial request for an interview, crews stopped by a public meeting Wednesday afternoon.

"There's nothing even on the agenda," said Mayor Stuteville to Fox-25 Reporter, Priscilla Luong and Photojournalist, Ben Latham, "and why you're down here trying to, I don't know, throw a bad light on Kingfisher because that's all this does."

There were other things being discussed, but since the mayor acknowledged our crew's presence before the city council, Fox-25 asked for Mayor Stuteville's response.

"There is a petition for your recall," said Luong to Mayor Stuteville, "and that's why we are here."

The petition has not been filed with the city clerk yet, so Mayor Stuteville did not talk much about the petition or address any accusations of financial misconduct, the firing of Poindexter, or any other accusations outlined in the petition, but he did say one thing.

"These people have the right to disagree and that is fine with me," said Mayor Stuteville, "but we have to go through the process."

Until the process moves forward, many Kingfisher residents believe the petition is a sign that change must happen in their city.

"I believe there are a lot of things going on with our city management that needs to be fixed," said Townsend.

Poindexter's attorney says he is aware of the petition, but Poindexter was not involved in drafting this petition. He said this effort only involves concerned citizens in Kingfisher.