Pennsylvania man suing after being charged with swearing in front of a police officer

A Pennsylvania man is suing the Cannonsburg Police Department after he was arrested and charged for swearing in front of a police officer.According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 24 year old Richard Pustovrh sued alleging the department maliciously prosecuted him and violated his constitutional rights, including the right to free speech.The incident happened back in September 2012 when Pustovrh's employer called police when he was arguing with them. The Post Gazette reports Pustovrh repeatedly used an obscenity, "to vocalize his feelings and frustration that the situation was" messed up. The officer warned him to not use the word, but he continued to do so, according to the complaint. A judge found Pustovrh guilty of disorderly conduct and obscene language, but the charge was withdrawn when he appealed.Pustovrh is seeking compensation for his distress and $100,000 in punitive damages.