Pauls Valley hit by storm; thousands without power

Across Pauls Valley, plenty of evidence mother nature had visited town.One tree---several feet across, snapped like a twig, falling on a house. The carport underneath, no match for the huge tree.Down the street, another tree, this time, falling on a shed, destroying it. A few feet away, a fence, easily blown down in 70 mile an hour winds. Even a mailbox bent to mother nature's will."All of a sudden you couldn't see anything because of all the wind and all the rain," said Glen Prater.Prater saw the storm rolling in. He says it hit all at once, and believes it was a small tornado."I consider the residents of Pauls Valley very fortunate indeed," Prater said.Don Stringer's home home now has a skylight, after the winds pushed a chimney over and into the house."You can see the gaping hole there," Stringer said.Stringer's son and daughter-in-law were standing in the path and barely escaped serious injury."My son was was standing right here and his wife was heading to the stairs when the chimney come in, it knocked them both down, up against this, and they got some bruises and dings, but they're alright," Stringer said.A good part of the town went without power overnight. This pole was snapped in two, then got tangled in some nearby farm equipment.The National Weather Service says officially it was straight line winds that caused so much damage."This ain't nothing. This is just a house. Nobody's hurt, and that's the main thing," Stringer said.