Parents outraged by fake child abduction posted to YouTube

The men say their intentions were good but they never intended to outrage or scare any parents when they staged an abduction of a boy at a family park.

The YouTube page TwinzTV put together a video that they say was meant to show how easy it is for kidnappers to take a child from a populated park. They wrote on their post that they notified police in Sequim, Washington, about their plan.

The pulled up to a park in a van, with ski masks over their faces. One of them jumped out and grabbed a boy, who is in on the entire thing, and ran back to the van. Several adults chased them and the men said they turned around quickly to explain it to everyone. Though they say their intentions were good, it backfired as several people at the park were very angry.

Even though the men said they alerted the authorities, not every officer was aware. Someone flagged down a cop and the men recorded their conversation. The officer can be heard saying he was ready to "shoot the person in the front seat".

The men said the boy is a family member and the entire thing was staged. After getting the reactions from people at the park, they apologized and said they didn't intend to harm anyone, they just wanted to "help prevent and to show how real an abduction can be".

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