Parents cyber-shame teen as bullying punishment

Image courtesy Reddit & imgur.

A Reddit user says when she found out her teen was cyber-bullying peers, they created an unusual punishment.

In the pic that was posted to Reddit and imgur, you can see blonde teenager named Hailey holding a sign and an iPod with the following written message:

"My name is Hailey. I am a kind, caring, smart girl, but I make poor choices with social media. As punishment, I am selling my iPod and will be donating the money to the charity Beat Bullying in hopes of changing my behavior as well as bringing awareness to bullying. Because bullying is wrong."

The photo cannot be authenticated, but appears to intend to teach her daughter a lesson. But comments on Reddit indicate it's a form of bullying itself called 'cyber-shaming'.

The top commenter on Reddit says this is actually a good lesson for the teen and will teach a lesson to other teens as well.

"This actually does seem better than other 'embarrass your child by making them wear a sign' punishments I've seen. Because the sign doesn't say she 'is a bully' but rather she is 'a kind, caring, smart girl, but' she makes poor choices with social media. Seems I've heard that's important to do in discipline. Don't convince the kid they're inherently bad. Emphasize that their behavior needs to change."

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