Parents carry on baby's short but beautiful life

A couple who knew their infant son was going to die spent the time during his short life in an unforgettable way. Zion Isaiah Blick lived 10 glorious days, and his parents made sure his memory is living on via Vimeo and Instagram. 20 weeks into the pregnancy, Robbyn Blick learned that her unborn son had a fatal genetic abnormality known as Edwards syndrome. Many babies with the syndrome die either before birth or within the first month afterwards. Robbyn and her husband Josh said there was never any doubt that their son would be born. Zion was born on Jan. 11 and weighed 4 pounds 7 ounces. He tragically passed away on Jan. 21, but his father said in the Vimeo video, 'You did more in your 10 days on Earth than I could ever hope to.' Josh, a pastor, and his wife are devout Christians. They said Zion's brief time on Earth taught them about Gods love and hope after death: 'The journey was long. My heart was broken. My body grew weary, Robbyn told USA Today But my soul was anchored. Anchored in hope.' Source: USA Today
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