Paperwork: former Thunder guard assaulted girlfriend with fan, XBox

Marcus Rogers, charged with assault and battery and kidnapping.

A former member of the Oklahoma City Thunder pulled his girlfriend out of bed and beat her with his fists, XBox, and box fan according to paperwork filed Monday.

The district attorney filed several charges against DeAndre Liggins and Marcus Rogers, a friend of Liggins, on Monday for an incident that happened August 31.

According to the court papers, the victim said she and Liggins got into an argument just after 11 on the 31st. She said she was laying in bed when Liggins walked into the bedroom and pulled her out of bed by her hair. She said he then threw her down and punched her 11-12 times in the head.
According to the victim, all of this took place in front of their 2-year-old son.

She said Liggins then left the room and she locked the door. Police say Liggins kicked the door in and threw her down again. That's when she said he grabbed an XBox and threw it at her head. She said he then threw a box fan at her head as well.

That's when she made a break for it. She got to the front door which she said was blocked by Liggins and Rogers. She finally managed to get outside but said Rogers grabbed her and pulled her back into the house. She told officials this happened twice.

She told officials that Liggins and Rogers then left and she laid down but awoke a short time later to Liggins yelling her face. He then reportedly pulled her out of bed by her hair once again and she begged him to take her to the hospital and he refused. That's when Rogers stepped in between the two and tried to stop Liggins from assaulting her any further.

She said while Liggins was distracted, she ran to a neighbors house for help.

After Liggins was arrested, a judge issued a no contact protective order. On September 5th, Liggins and his attorney met with the victim, in violation of the order.

Liggins was charged with two counts of domestic assault, one count of kidnapping, three counts of domestic abuse in the presence of a minor, and one count of violating a protective order.

Rogers was charged with assault and battery and kidnapping.

The Thunder announced Liggins' release on Friday.