Overhosler Elementary remembers three students killed in tornado

Nearly four months after flood waters kill three children their school holds a memorial service.

Jay Deleon remembers his best friend Brandon Santos.

"It was really confusing the first day. I was like where's Brandon like a lot of times. Me and Miguel looked for him until Shelby came up and said he died by a tornado," Jay.

Brandon, his sister Lesly and little brother Christopher were killed when they were swept away in floodwaters during the May 31st tornado.

"To hear it was one of my babies from my first year of teaching. I didn't know how to react. It still doesn't seem real," said Bailee Sossaman, Brandon's teacher.

She and the rest of Overholser Elementary came together to remember the lives of the Santos children.

"Today is a day to remember him and his happy face but yet it's closure for us," said Kim McLaughlin, Christopher's Pre-K Principal.

She said not a day goes by she doesn't think about the four-year-old.

"When I think of him I think of his smiling face because he was always smiling," said McLaughlin.

Teachers and students planted a tree at the school for each child.

"Just having this finally being able to say goodbye. It's really meaningful," said Emily Volkers, Lesly's teacher.

Volkers said the 7-year-old loved the color purple.

"One of my friend's has told me every time you see a sunset and its purple that's her."

The entire Overholser family said the Santos children will never be forgotten but Jay admits he misses his best friend every day.

"I just wish he could come back again."