OU students hold rally after shooting in Missouri

In Norman, signs had the simple message, "no justice, no peace" at a rally held outside a lecture hall at OU.Brittani Jackson, one of the organizers, said the event was an opportunity to have an important voice in the discussion over what happened in Missouri."I think it's an important issue, regardless of race, that someone can be shot down in the middle of the street unarmed," Jackson said.The group at OU today was peaceful and had a prayer and moment of silence in contrast to protests in Missouri after more details surrounding the teen's death were released.Even with the unrest elsewhere, this is the rally OU students wanted, to make sure their voice was heard along with a chorus of others around the nation."It was what we wanted, and we were happy with the outcome," Jackson said.Aaliyah Ellison is the president of the NAACP OU Chapter. She says even though today's rally is hundreds of miles from the epicenter of the issue, it's important to be a part of the conversation."It's important to let people know because it keeps happening, it's going to keep happening, people are still going to die on the streets, go to jail without any proper cause. If we dont stand up and bring it to people's attention, it's going to keep happening. Innocent lives will be lost and nothing will be changed," Ellison said.
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