OU incident prompts gun free zone debate

President Boren said today his campus will stay gun free, but some students say they would feel safer if they could defend themselves or others.
Rep. John Enns is fighting for HB 2887. His bill says if a person has a handgun permit and no history of violence on campus they should be allowed to carry a gun on campus, gun ban or not.Some students agree.
One student said he would have felt much safer during today's incident if his buddy had his gun on him.
H & H gun range owner Miles Hall says he is in favor of Rep. Enns' legislation because he believes gun free zones are an open invitation for bad guys to take advantage of unarmed people.OU President Boren said allowing people to have guns on campus is the worst thing that could be done.
President Boren brought up the argument that police may get confused responding to a scene where there is a gunman when others have guns too.
Gun educators say those who get their permits are trained to only use their guns when the threat is in your immediate vicinity and to never try to play hero.

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