OU experts give tips for weight loss

As you get ready to indulge at the Christmas dinner table, you might already be planning to shed pounds after the holiday.
Before you try out the latest fad diet, we found out what the experts at OU Medicine say you should do instead.

It's no surprise weight loss is a top News Year's resolution year after year.

"Most of the time, we want a quick fix," said nutrition expert Amanda Jones. "We just put on a bunch of pounds. We want to take off a bunch of pounds."

But those pounds can quickly come back if you try to lose too much too soon. Dieticians at OU recommend a goal of losing one pound a week.

"Choosing a goal of saying I'm going to lose 100 lbs in a month...that's not really reasonable," said Jones.

Jones explained how to pull off a more reasonable weight loss. "We want to lose about 500 calories a day from our diet by either decreasing the amount we eat or increasing the amount of activity we have," she said.

Focus on cutting out sugary drinks and junk food, and turn more to fresh fruits and veggies, lean proteins, and fiber. Aim to get 30 minutes of exercise a day.

You wont just look better. You could actually add years to your life.
"Anything that will increase your physical activity will help your heart be stronger, will help your blood pressure, will help you feel better over time," said Dr. Rachel Franklin, a family physician.

Instead of setting your goal to lose weight, doctors say why not resolve to be healthier in 2014? Take advantage of free preventative health screenings under the new healthcare law.

"This is a free office visit that you can take advantage of every year, once a year," said Dr. Franklin.

Doctors tell us it's fine to enjoy those Christmas treats in moderation.
Be sure to watch your portions, and include healthy choices on your plate as well.

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