OSU students create search and rescue drones

What began with chalk drawings and an assignment for engineering students resulted in a drone, or unmanned aerial vehicle, designed to help with search and rescue missions.

"One of the missions we had live video streaming," said Brian Delano, an OSU Engineering graduate student.

Delano was one of many OSU engineering students who worked on the drones.

"We designed an aircraft to find for targets in the field," he recalled.

Dr. Jamey Jacob led the semester long project. Dr. Jacob says Search and rescue drones are just one of two real-world problems his students are trying to solve.

"In the end, what makes all this possible, is the same stuff that makes your smart phone possible," said Dr. Jacob.

Students also designed another UAV designed to charge through violent storms, and help increase warning times during severe weather.

Still plenty of testing to do before anyone sees these drones put to use, but students like Delano, hope their solutions to real-life problems will help keep people safe.

"Hopefully they get further developed, and can really help people," said Delano.

Dr. Jacob says FAA regulations will need to change before we see these drones used outside of test sites, but their goal is to create inexpensive, effective tools for first responders to use in emergency situations.

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