OSU informed of stories about alleged misconduct

(AP) -- Oklahoma State says Sports Illustrated has informed the school that it plans to publish a series of articles about alleged misconduct in the university's football program starting in 2001.

The university said in a statement Saturday that Sports Illustrated outlined allegations involving inappropriate activities and actions, the majority of which occurred between 2001 and 2007.

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The university says it has contacted the NCAA about the allegations.

OSU Vice President of Athletics Mike Holder said, "We are shocked by the allegations raised about our football program. We take the allegations seriously. Whether they have merit or not, we don't know. But we will find out.

"Our athletic department understands the high expectations OSU President Burns Hargis and the OSU Board of Regents have set for us. Our coaches and staff understand we will not tolerate any violations that compromise our pursuit of excellence, the highest of ethical standards, and full compliance with NCAA rules and regulations," Holder said.

The school did not describe the allegations in its statement Saturday. It says Sports Illustrated didn't provide all of the specifics of the accusations.

University President Burns Hargis said the school is troubled by the claims and will investigate.

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