OSU football misconduct allegations: some fans shocked, other say it's part of the game

Fans are reacting to news of an investigation into OSU football. Officials at Oklahoma State said they've been contacted by Sports Illustrated about an upcoming series of article uncovering alleged misconduct within the school's football program.

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"Oklahoma State University is deeply troubled by these claims. We will investigate the accuracy of the allegations and take all appropriate action," University President Burns Hargis said in a statement.

While some in the Stillwater community are shocked to hear about the Sports Illustrated pieces, others said the same kinds of stories could be found in any major football program in the country.

"Anybody that went to a big university like OU, Oklahoma State, Tulsa, they're not going to be shocked at all. I mean, we've seen it first hand," alum Eric Schatte said.

"If you're going to work hard in the sun, if you're going to take time away from your social life and your family, and if you're not going to be able to go to the parties, then you want to be compensated for that," he said.

"I think it happens everywhere in the country, but now that OSU is actually starting to show some light, everybody's going to point the finger and say 'hey, over there,'" OSU fan Jesse Arguello said.

The writing team from the magazine said it talked with former players, coaches and football staff and uncovered possible misconduct in the program mostly dating back to 2001 through 2007. The magazine would not give specifics of what it uncovered, before the articles went to print. The university says once it gets more details, it will start an investigation of it's own.

Some fans are confident that investigation will clear any wrongdoing.

"I've been around OSU football for 40 years. My kids have gone here, my son was in the program, and I just think the integrity of the program is just the utmost quality," Darla Trout said.