OSBI wraps investigation into Luis Rodriguez' death in Moore PD custody

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation tells FOX 25 the investigation into the death of a man in custody of Moore Police is complete.Jessica Brown with the OSBI told fox 25 the department has handed over the results to the Cleveland County District Attorney and Moore Police and the results will not be released unless charges are filed.Rodriguez died in the early morning hours of Feb. 15th after being detained at the Warren Theatre in Moore. His wife, Nair, recorded the incident on her cell phone.In April, the state Medical Examiner said Rodriguez's death was from cardiac arrhythmia caused by physical restraint and ruled it a homicide. The ME cautioned that homicide is a medical term that does not denote wrong doing or criminal intent. Rodriguez had gone to a movie at the Warren Theatre when air and her teenage daughter got into an argument. Nair eventually walked to the car with Luis following to calm her down. That's when the attorney says police confronted him. The family's attorney says Luis wasn't involved in the domestic disturbance that the police were called to but the officers focused their attention on him, taking him to the ground and using pepper spray on him. The Moore Police Department asked the OSBI for assistance in the investigation five days after his death.