OSBI investigating three bodies discovered in Latimer County

We're learning more about three bodies found in Latimer County on November 16th. Police believe they may be the bodies of a family who went missing in 2009.

"We have to take this one step at a time," said OSBI Assistant Special Agent Gary Perkinson. "At this point we don't know that it is the Jamison family. So we have to be objective."

It was about four years ago that Bobby and Sherilyn Jamison along with their 6 year old daughter Madyson went missing in the rocky terrain of the Sansbois Mountains in northern Latimer County. A search back then turned up nothing, but now closure may be on the horizon.

"Now that we have these skeletal remains we are working with the medical examiners office to try and identify those remains," said Perkinson.

The remains were found by a deer hunter on November 16th, but investigators say actually getting to the remains was extremely difficult.

"It's a very treacherous, very dangerous, very rugged area that's very, very difficult to search."

OSBI says the remains are of two adults and one child, and because they were found about three miles from where Bobby Jamison's abandoned car was left four years ago, it has notified the Jamison family.

"It's been a very difficult four years," said Perkinson. "I can't imagine the sleepless nights and the difficulty in not knowing what happened to your loved ones."

But the family will continue to wait. The medical examiner's office says it could be days or even years before they are able to identify the remains.

"The ME's office, with the forensic technology that we have now-a-days, we still feel like there's a good chance that we can get a DNA profile from those remains."

With identification will hopefully come a cause of death. Death being something the Jamison family has always feared.

OSBI says it will be getting DNA samples from members of the Jamison family to they can compare that to DNA found in the remains. It is also looking into other missing persons cases.