OSBI: Antlers man banned from uncle's property, killed by uncle

Henry Cole, 69, was arrested for shooting and killing his nephew, Gene Cole, in April.

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation said Thursday that agents had arrested an Antlers man on charges that he murdered his nephew in Pushmataha County.Officials say Henry JC Cole, 69, was arrested Thursday morning at his home in Antlers.The OSBI said his nephew, Gene Cole, was shot and killed on April 15th. Investigators say Cole died from a gunshot wound to his neck. According to the OSBI, Henry called 911 on the 15th and said he discovered his nephew's body on his property. Deputies arrived and called the OSBI for assistance. OSBI agents served a search warrant on his home and reported finding two shotguns. An OSBI investigator tested the weapons and said one of the shotguns was used to kill Gene. Agents say Henry was overheard saying his nephew was no longer allowed on his property about a week before Gene's death.