Oregon 6-year-old shames bike thieves after break-in

Roxy may be six years old but she's not scared to give some bike thieves a piece of her mind."It hurt my feelings that my dad was so angry and sad," Roxy told Fox 25 affiliate KATU.The family says thieves broke into their garage last month and stole about half a dozen custom road bikes worth thousands of dollars from their Northeast Portland home. She couldn't stand to see her dad so sad, so she wrote a message to thieves on a sign now displayed front and center in the yard.The sign reads: "'Shame on you bike thieves!!! Your mom would be so disappointed! Even if she was a villian (sic), she still wouldn't want you to be a villian (sic) too!' Sincerely, resident 6 yr. oldIt's punctuated with sad faces and a picture of her father's "broken heart".Roxy's dad said he didn't expect his daughter to do this."At first, she offered to give me her life savings-- that was a heart melter--then this a couple days later she wants to let the world know it's not cool," said Rob Thompson.Get that thieves? Not cool."I want to tell all the people who steal things that it's a bad idea to steal things...Why do they even make villains in the world?" Roxy told KATU. She went on to theorize, "If we didn't have villains the world would be nice and easy.