One-of-a-kind one ton statue stolen from Edmond front yard

Deputies in Oklahoma County are hoping someone noticed something fishy last week when thieves made off with a white marble statue that weighed a ton.The Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office released details about the crime that happened on May 25th. The Victim, Charlie Dry tells FOX 25 that he and his wife had left their home in the 2300 block of NW 206th street for about three hours. In that time, he says someone pulled into his property and pulled out his one ton statue. The statue is six feet tall, five feet long, and three feet wide. Dry says it's made of white marble and is of a man riding a horse.The statue is one-of-a-kind and is worth $25,000-$30,000."We've been out here about eight years, no problem in this community none," says Dry.He says when he realized the statue was missing he immediately called the Sheriff's department."It was a direct hit to that statue," says Dry. And some effort had to be expended to take off with the one ton statue.Dry says the thieves must have had access to some heavy duty equipment "They came in with a truck lowered the forklift, came around here scooped it up, put it on the truck put the forklift back on the truck and drove off," says Dry.He says the statue which he's had about six years was bought locally and to him a true work of art."What people would do with something like that I have no idea," says Dry. The homeowner says at best someone could sell pieces of it for money, which is pretty low in his opinion."I feel violated at my home, what I would say to anyone right now is that let that be your last stop it right there, because you are going to get caught," says Dry.Oklahoma County Deputies ask anyone who may have noticed the large statue to call (405) 713-1017.