Oklahomans play for Mega Millions jackpot

Tonight's numbers: 8-14-17-20-39 Megaball: 7

At 10 o'clock Tuesday night, someone could become $636 million richer. Tuesday's Mega-Millions jackpot is now the second highest ever, and if no one wins, it could climb to a billion dollars by Christmas Eve. We talked with Oklahomans who want their shot, as slim as it may be, at the prize.

"I feel like I might be a winner today," said Berkeley Pickett, who doesn't usually play the Lottery. But chose to this time, with a take home prize of $314.2 million up for grabs.

Pickett and others trying their luck already know how they'd spend the cash.

Pickett said, "If I win, I will give some to my family and some to my church."

"I would probably stay in Oklahoma, but I might have another residence somewhere. A summer and a winter home," said Rocky Santiago, who purchased several tickets for Tuesday's drawing and plays the lotto regularly.

You have better chances of being killed by an asteroid than winning the jackpot. And now chances are even slimmer, thanks to new rules set in October.
Odds went from 1 in 176 million to 1 in 259 million. That's because you have more numbers to pick from.
Previously, lottery players chose five numbers, ranging from one to 56. it's now one to 75.

So with odds that slim, why do so many people keep paying to play?
"Because it's a hope," said Gwen Lee. "Everybody needs a hope. Social Security isn't going to do it for me. Retirement funds aren't going to do it for me. It's a different kind of hope," Lee said.

"I know the odds are crazy," said Santiago. "But you know what they say... somebody's got to win it."

But zero people have won the jackpot since the new rules went into effect. And if the trend continues, we could see our first 10 digit prize, a billion dollars, just in time for Christmas.

If no one wins Tuesday night, the jackpot for Friday's drawing will begin at $800 million.