Oklahoma voters go to the polls for school elections

Voters across the state are casting their ballots for several different positions Tuesday.

In Oklahoma County, voters chose incumbent Ron Millican for the district 7 school board seat with 72% of the vote.

In Edmond, Cynthia Benson won the 4th district school board position over Stephanie Bills with 57% of the vote.

Norman voters are deciding on several propositions for Norman Public Schools. Proposition one passed with 83% of the vote. The proposition would approve a $122 bond to buy or improve school buildings.

A second proposition also passed garnering 84% of the vote. If passed, the proposition would approve a $3.5 million bond for transportation equipment.

In Kingfisher, voters elected Steve A. Richards with 67% of the vote to replace recalled mayor Jack Stuteville. Stuteville finished with 19% of the vote.

Mustang voters elected Jess Schweinberg as the ward 6 council member with 57% of the total vote.

Click here for a full list of election results from across the state.