Oklahoma Treasurer announces 10,000 Reasons to Save Scholarship

If you haven't started saving for your child's college tuition, you now have $10,000 more reasons to.Oklahoma State Treasurer Ken Miller kicked off the second annual sweepstakes to award one child a $10,529 529 College Savings Plan (OCSP) and the school with a cash prize worth the same amount. Miller announced the kickoff at Nichols Hills Elementary, urging parents and grandparents to enter the 10,000 Reasons to Save Sweepstakes. The goal is ultimately to build excitement for the state's 529 college savings plan. "We want more and more of our students to go to college. We know that cost is an issue," Miller said. "So if we can get started early, saving for college, it can help families prepare for that." 529's allow you to put money aside for your child's college tuition. The money is tax free and you can put up to $10,000 aside each year. If you want to get entered, all you gotta do is click here.
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