Oklahoma supreme court to hear arguments in Take Shelter Oklahoma petition

Following the deadly May 20th tornado, building storm shelters in schools has become a major statewide and local issue. Today, Oklahoma's highest court will hear arguments over an initiative to get storm shelters in every school in the state.

The group "Take Shelter" wants 90 more days to collect signatures for its petition which would get the issue on a state-wide ballot. Group members say they couldn't get all 120,000 signatures needed during the petition drive last year. Attorney David Slane blames the state attorney general saying he worded the ballot questions poorly in attempt to squash it.

Petitioners want to use funds from the state's franchise tax to pay for a $500 million dollar bond issue.

Also today, Oklahoma City Council members are expected to vote on changes to the city's building code. They're considering a plan that would require safe rooms in new school construction. The initial proposal would apply to schools and daycare centers with at least 6 children.

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