Oklahoma Sasquatch hunt ends with man shot, three arrested

Rogers County authorities say four people were looking for Sasquatch in Rogers County when one of them was started and accidently shot another Sasquatch hunter.

(KTUL) One man is in the hospital, recovering from a gunshot wound, and three others are arrested after a shooting that initially began as tall-tale about a Sasquatch hunt.

Deputies with the Rogers County Sheriff's Office stated Sunday that a story about a Sasquatch hunt out in Catoosa sent Omar Pineda, Lacey Pineda and Perry James to jail.

Officials originally told KTUL that Omar Pineda and Joseph Smalley were wandering in the woods searching for Sasquatch when the shooting incident took place. Pineda had reportedly shot Smalley in the back.

"Basically all evidence is pointing to an accidental shooting," Lane said. "...said they were looking for Sasquatch, got spooked. One of them turned and accidentally shot his buddy."

But after further investigation officials determined what they believed actually happened. There had been an accidental shooting, but there was never a Sasquatch involved.

A statement from the RCSO stated that Omar became startled and shot Smalley. His wife, Lacey, was with them and both notified James about the shooting and helped dispose of the gun.

All three were booked on various complaints, including obstruction and reckless conduct with a firearm.

The man was taken to a Tulsa hospital and was listed in stable condition after surgery.

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