Oklahoma ranked a horrible place to live for women

Oklahoma is one of the worst states for women to live in. That's according to the Center for American Progress, which released a new report Wednesday.

Oklahoma is ranked at the bottom of the barrel, number 48, with only two states-- Louisiana and Utah-- ranked worse. So, why did we receive this failing grade? A number of reasons.

"People look at our state and say, we have a woman governor, women must be doing great here. In fact, we have fewer women in the legislature than we have in past years," says Lou Kohlman, Chair of the Oklahoma Commission on the Status of Women.

In addition, the report found Oklahoma women earn less than men, and less than the national average, making just 76-cents for every dollar a man makes. "We're in a male-dominated type of state with the oil field and everything like that, and it's hard to break into that sometimes," says Kim Mellinger, an Oklahoman. "It's a great place to live. But, are we behind? Yes," she says.

"We were last in the country for health," says Kohlman, continuing the statistics. Oklahoma was ranked as the second worst state for the number of women who die during pregnancy. And, we only have one gynecologist for every 18,713 women. We also have one of the highest infant death rates.

Not listed in the report-- Oklahoma has the highest number of women in prison than any other state; and we're in the top percentile for teen pregnancy, human trafficking, domestic violence, and our divorce rate. But, even without all of those statistics, Oklahoma still received an "F."

Want to explore the startling statistics yourself? Click around on this interactive table and take a look at this map.