Oklahoma officer's badge in compromising photo

A picture of a badge placed over an adult entertainer's underwear leads to an investigation of an Oklahoma County law enforcement officer. The picture was sent to Fox 25 and we discovered the badge belonged to a detention officer with the Oklahoma County Juvenile Bureau.

"That badge represents Oklahoma County and that is not the venue I want the public to see Oklahoma County in," said bureau director James Saffle.

Saffle told Fox 25 after he saw the picture he began an immediate investigation. "We're not going to tolerate, we don't tolerate we have no acceptance of any kind of excuse for an individual to take their badge and let that badge be used inappropriately by them or by others,"

Fox 25 has learned the picture was taken inside the adult entertainment club "Double D Saloon" and the officer in question is a former club employee. The picture shows his badge placed over the woman's underwear inside the club. Saffle said when confronted the employee apologized.

Saffle said the officer was not on duty, but was on call. He told Fox 25 the agency on call rules would rule out a visit to the adult club and bar. "We have no tolerance for anyone on call status to do anything that would inhibit their ability to perform their job."

The officer turned in his resignation Thursday. Saffle said the resignation helped the county avoid the termination process. He said his bureau has to maintain strict rules and ethics, in part, because of the troubled young people that come through the bureau's doors.

"If we're doing things that are inappropriate we can't expect the juveniles to mirror our actions and stay out of trouble."

Saffle said the internal investigation revealed the officer was the only county employee involved in the incident and it does not appear any laws were broken, only the agency's policies.