Oklahoma House unanimously passes Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper raise bill

A measure that would raise Oklahoma State Trooper salaries to the level of those in other states has passed through the House uninhibited Tuesday.Senate Bill 232 passed through the Oklahoma Senate undeterred in March. One month later, it did the same in the House of Representatives, passing by a vote of 94-0.The bill deletes language from the statute of the Department of Public Safety related to current salary schedules. It also states that a new table will be created to increase the amount that troopers are paid. The bill was created in response to the Oklahoma Total Remuneration Study of 2013 that found Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper salaries were significantly less than the average salary of troopers in other states.According to DPS, the proposed cost increase would be $4,829,274 annually and the total annual fiscal impact would be $5,598,692.It now lands on Governor Mary Fallin's desk for approval.