Sheriff searches for kidnapping suspect on Fugitive Friday

For several months now, the Oklahoma County Sheriff has put mug shots of suspects who are wanted on Friday. This week, the sheriff is searching for a man wanted on kidnapping and domestic charges.The sheriff starts by putting out a request for zip codes on Thursday. Hundreds of fans posted requested zip codes and the sheriff's office gets to work, searching the database for fugitives in the areas.This week's featured zip code was 73107 and on Friday, the sheriff posted a picture of Guillermo Gonzalez. According to the sheriff, the 27-year-old is wanted for an incident in October of 2013.The department says Gonzalez kidnapped and assaulted his victim, in violation of a court ordered victim's protection order.He faces charges of kidnapping, domestic assault & battery, and violation of a victim's protection order.Anyone with information regarding his whereabouts is asked to call us at (405) 713-1968.