Oklahoma County Sheriff credits Good Samaritans for assisting with arrest

The Oklahoma County Sheriff said a man who was pulled over for a broken taillight was not willing to go easily and it took more than two trained officers to get him into custody.Deputies pulled over a car Sunday night around 10:00 for a traffic violation on I-235 near NW 36th street. The deputy talked to the driver, Gregory Evans, and told him his taillight was broken. That's when the deputy said Evans got agitated.The deputy said he got more and more aggressive and eventually took a swing at the deputy. A second deputy arrived to help get him under control but they said he kept fighting, kicking, and biting the officers.At that point, two people noticed the deputies struggling and jumped in to help the deputies put Evans in handcuffs. Deputies said they searched Evans' car and found drugs that Evans said was methamphetamine. Evans was arrested and is in the Oklahoma County Jail on complaints of assault and battery on an officer and possession of a controlled dangerous substance. His bond is set at $7,000.