Oklahoma County jail employee arrested for rape of child under 16

Derek Roberts, an Oklahoma County Jail employee, was arrested for sex with a minor.

Police respond to a call of a suspicious vehicle and say the man in the car is a jailer for Oklahoma County and was waiting to meet a 15-year-old for sex.

26-year-old Derek Roberts was arrested Wednesday night just after 11:00 near SE 71st and Plains Ave.

Police report they were called to the intersection to check out a suspicious subject in a vehicle acting strange. When police arrived, they spoke with Roberts and say he was acting nervous and told officers he was waiting to meet a friend.

Not long after police arrived, a 15-year-old boy began walking towards the vehicle and Roberts told him that's who he was waiting for.

Oklahoma City Police tell FOX 25 the meeting was not the first time the two have met.

Police arrested Roberts for second degree rape and forcible oral sodomy with a child under 16.

Roberts was an employee of the Oklahoma County Jail in the Medical Special Housing Unit. After reviewing the details of the arrest, Sheriff John Whetsel announced Thursday he fired Roberts from his job position.

The Sheriff says this keeps with the police that requires ethical and professionalbehavior both on and off duty.

Roberts had worked as a detention officer at the jail since June 1, 2012.

The teenager was released to the custody of his father.