Oklahoma City Zoo shows off newborn giraffe

The newborn female giraffe gets a cleanup. (OKC Zoo/Jaimee Flinchbaugh, Hoofstock Supervisor)

Just in time for fall, the Oklahoma City Zoo is celebrating a special delivery: a female giraffe.

The yet-to-be-named giraffe was born September 26, 2013 and is the sister of Sergeant Peppers who was born in January. The female arrived and is already a fan-favorite.

"Both mom and calf are doing well," said Jaimee Flinchbaugh, Zoo hoofstock supervisor. "Ellie is a doting mom and her calf is full of energy, personality and spunk."

As long as weather conditions allow it, you can visit the new arrival who, at just 5 days old, stands six feet tall!

The average gestation period for a giraffe calf is 15 months. Giraffes give birth while and standing and the calf stands within one hour.

Wanna see the addition? Admission is $8 for adults and $5 for kids 3-11 and seniors over 65. The best time to see the girl is mid-morning to early afternoon.

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