Oklahoma City teen arrested for stabbing incident at SE high school

The Oklahoma City Police Department said Tuesday that a 16-year-old student was arrested Friday morning at Southeast High School for stabbing a classmate.Police said they were called to Southeast High School around 7:20 Friday morning after learning a student was stabbed in the leg. Police arrived and spoke with the victim who had a small puncture wound on her calf. Police said the wound was last than half an inch big.The victim told police she was sitting on a set of stairs and talking with the suspect about a boy. She said the conversation then changed and the two were joking about the suspect stabbing the victim when the other girl pulled a knife from the back of her waist.Police said the victim told them they regularly joke like that but was concerned when the other girl pulled the knife out. The victim said she pulled her legs to chest for protection and said the other girl stuck the knife through her pants and into her leg.Police tracked down the other girl and found the suspected weapon near where she was sitting at an outdoor bench. The teen was arrested and booked into a juvenile justice center.Fox 25 will not release the teen's name because of her age.