Oklahoma City Police search for possibly armed suspect in NW OKC

Police in Oklahoma City say they're searching for a suspect who may be armed after an apparent shoplifting incident.According to Oklahoma City Police, they were called to NW23rd and Meridian Wednesday around 1:45 p.m. by the manager of the Crest store who said an employee was stealing meat to sell at a nearby store.The manager says he found about $250 in meat inside an employee's gym bag, after confronting him about stealing. "At that point he pulled a gun from his pocket and said 'expletive-word this' and took off running," manager Kevin Shoemake said.No shots were fired and the man was able to get away.Shoemake believes the employee had been stealing from the store for a few weeks. According to Shoemake, a customer at the convenience store spotted the meat and told the store what was going on."I was surprised. He was a good worker, but I guess he was good at putting on a front so he knew what he was doing," Shoemake said.Police are searching for him in the area but have not offered a description.
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