OKCPD say suspect called in fake shooting to avoid arrest

Rosetta Grate was arrested Tuesday on complaints of making a false 911 call, obstruction, and possession of drug paraphernalia. Image courtesy: Oklahoma County Jail

The Oklahoma City Police Department says a woman who was pulled over for a burned out light bulb over her license plate lied about her name and called in a fake shooting in an attempt to get away from the cops.Rosetta Grate, 38, was arrested early Tuesday morning near 23rd and Broadway. According to the report, the officer said he spotted Grate driving a pickup with a burned out license plate light bulb. When the officer talked with Grate, she initially gave him a fake name and date of birth. The officer discovered the false information when checking on possible warrants.As the officer was checking her details, Grate got out of the truck and told the officer there was 'trouble around the corner'. She said there was a domestic situation involving her father. The police officer had her sit back in the truck and checked her social security number.During that search, dispatch said that a caller said there was a shooting at an address nearby and a group of people were fighting. When the officer spotted EMSA and firefighters headed to the area, he said that's when he believed Grate had called in a fake report. He returned to the truck and called the phone number that dispatch had from the caller reporting the shooting. As it rang on his phone, he said a cell phone in Grate's hand displayed his phone number. Grate was arrested and the officer began searching her purse and reported finding two crack pipes that had white residue that tested positive for cocaine. Grate was taken to the Oklahoma County Jail on complaints of making a false 911 call, obstruction, and possession of drug paraphernalia.
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