Oklahoma City Police: drunk mom abuses, bites child for not babysitting

Samantha Abbott, 28, was arrested Sunday night after police say she punched and bit her daughter. Image courtesy: Oklahoma County Jail

A southeast Oklahoma City woman is in jail after police say she punched and bit her 11-year-old daughter for not agreeing to babysit. Police say the incident happened in front of three other children."Thankfully the girl didn't sustain any serious injury, but again, obviously a very frightening situation for her," said Sgt. Jennifer Wardlow, Oklahoma City Police spokesperson.Oklahoma City Police say they arrested 27-year-old Samantha Abbott for child abuse, neglect and abandonment. Police say Abbott was drunk around 11:30 Sunday night when she asked her 11-year-old daughter to babysit her six year old, two year old and 11-month-old siblings. Police say when the daughter refused, Abbott became enraged and grabbed the girl by the arm."Threw her up against a front window of the house, shattering the glass, causing cuts to the girls arms," Sgt. Wardlow said. "Also at another point punched her in the face."According to the police report the daughter then went into the hallway for a towel to clean up the blood and told police Abbott shoved her head into the wall and bit her left arm.Police say at that point Abbott left, leaving her daughter to not only take care of her wounds, but the other three children.Police say when they finally arrested Abbott she kicked out an officer's car window. Because of that, investigators say she's also facing charges of public intoxication and destruction of property.Child welfare has taken all of the children into protective custody."Definitely a sad time in their lives right now, and definitely in my prayers for sure," a neighbor told Fox 25.Police say the 11-year-old did a great job by calling a friend and her grandmother after the incident happened. Police say it was the grandmother that called 911. Abbott is being held in the Oklahoma County Jail.
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