Oklahoma City Police arrest escaped inmate

Police have arrested an escaped inmate following a brief standoff in southwest Oklahoma City Tuesday.

The incident began Monday as Oklahoma City Police tried pulling over a man driving they believe escaped from DOC near SW 82nd and Pennsylvania around 2:45 p.m. The man led police on brief pursuit before losing the officers.

After receiving a tip from a citizen, police surrounded a home on SW Douglas Drive as they continue to search for the suspect. The citizen told police they believed they saw Kristopher Johnson, an escapee from the Union City Community Correctional Facility, enter a home on Douglas Drive.

Police had the home surrounded for two hours but by 4:30 PM, Oklahoma City Police handed the investigation over the United State's Marshals and cleared the scene. Captain Dexter Nelson said they do not have a confirmation that Johnson was inside the home and they don't have a legal authority to enter the home.

Police were able to obtain a search warrant for the home Tuesday after the vehicle they intially pulled over was spotted at the residence.

When police arrived the occupants of the home would not cooperate so a tactical team was called to the scene. The team entered the home late Tuesday and arrested Johnson and an unidentified woman.

Police do not know the relationship between the two but say the woman could face charges of harboring a fugitive. The two were taken to police headquarters for further questioning.